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Ensure housing facilities for the customers with the help of our valued stakeholders, efficient management and business partners within a capacity.
Ensure all construction as well as other activities in accordance with the prevailing specifications, codes and standards of the country.
Involve all of our human resources to exploit their capabilities in improving quality of work, reducing costs rather maximizing profit by utilizing their dedication and integration, competency and best performance.
Achieve more than planned sales, increase revenue and market share, providing flexibility and adaptation to market changes.
Achieve client loyalty, satisfaction and continuous improvement of relationship through Customer Relation Management.
Increase supplier’s coordination to achieve product customization, high quality, cost reductions and speedy delivery. Also build an efficient Supply Chain that focuses on maximizing value to the organization and the ultimate customers.
Achieve international recognition ISO 9001:2000 certification in quality management system, construction and design activities.

Chandrapuri Tower

Location: Jurain
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Rayeed Heights

Location: Uttara
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Reeti Kutir

Location: Uttara
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Zahida Manjil

Location: Zafrabad
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